Rainier Avenue Radio s hosting a special broadcast series entitled

“The Impacts of the Coronavirus in south Seattle and Surrounding Communities” 

Live broadcasts happen Fridays 1-3pm Pacific Time, as well as special StreetBeat episodes on alternate days.


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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to be healthy, safe, & aware. Due diligence, but not letting fear normalize your daily living!

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Ep 1 Candace Jackson, Education Consultant - King County Public Health

    Watch Ep 1                    Hear Ep 1

Ep 2 Louise Chernin, CEO and President - Greater Seattle Business Association

    Watch Ep 2                    Hear Ep 2

Ep 3:Michelle Mitchell-Brannon - Atlantic Street Center & DeShawn Jackson, Student/Parent Advocate John Muir Elementary.

    Watch Ep 3                    Hear Ep 3

Ep 4 Thai Dao - South end resident tested positive for coronavirus

    Watch Ep 4                    Hear Ep 4

Ep 5 Business owners Tia Matthies - The Royal Room & Theo Martin - Island Soul Rum Bar & Soul Shack

    Watch Ep 5                    Hear Ep 5

Ep 6 Pat McCarthy, Executive Director - SP Schools Athletic Dept. & DeShawn Jackson, Advocate - John Muir Elementary

    Watch Ep 6                    Hear Ep 6

Ep 7 Brian McGuigan, Program Director - Artist Trust & Saida Alim, Mental Health Therapist - Somali Youth/Family Club

    Watch Ep 7                    Hear Ep 7

Ep 8 Kurt Schroeder, President - Safeway & Albertsons, Seattle Division

    Watch Ep 8                    Hear Ep 8

Ep 9 Leigh Thomas, Communications - FEES

    Watch Ep 9                    Hear Ep 9

Ep 10 Josephine Howell - Songstress, Covid-19+ & Doug Baldwin - Family First Foundation

    Watch Ep 10                 Hear Ep 10

Ep 11 Harold Scoggins, Chief - Seattle Fire Department

                                           Hear Ep 11

Ep 12 Ryan Pricco, Director of Advocacy & Policy - Child Care Aware of Washington

                                           Hear Ep 12

Ep 13 Lewis Rudd, CEO - Ezell's Famous Chicken

                                            Hear Ep 13

Ep 14 Lillian Young, Communications - Kin-On (with Vietnamese translation / Monique Le)

                                            Hear Ep 14

Ep 15 Seattle Black Leadership during the coronavirus pandemic - Girmay Zahilay, King County Councilmember. Wyking Garrett, Africatown CEO. Trish Millenes Dziko, Technology Access Foundation CEO. Michelle Merriweather, Seattle Metropolitan Urban League CEO. Marcus Green, South Seattle Emerald Publisher.

                                            Hear Ep 15

Ep 16 Puget Sound Black Leadership during the coronavirus pandemic - Fahren Johnson, Erin Jones, Alicia Crank, Pastor Johnson, Tracy Flood 

                                            Hear Ep 16

Ep 17 Asian Leadership:Toshiko Hasegawa, WA State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs. Ye-Ting Woo, Assistant U.S. Attorney - Western District of WA. Herman Tam -Kin On. Valerie Tran, Friends of Little Saigon. Lydia Faitalia, United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

    Watch Ep 17                   Hear Ep 17

Ep 18 Spokane Black Communities: Carmen Pacheco Jones, Spokane Regional Law & Justice Councilmember. Pastor Lonnie Mitchell, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church- Spokane Sandy Williams, Black Lens News

    Watch Ep 18                  Hear Ep 18

Ep 19 Yakima Mayor Patricia Byers.

    Watch Ep 19                  Heat Ep 19

Ep 20 Kris Hermanns - Seattle Foundation.

    Watch Ep 20                  Hear Ep 20

Ep 21 Carolyn Bick - South Seattle Emerald.

    Watch Ep 21                  Hear Ep 21

Ep 22 Glenn Turner, Emergency Feeding Program 

    Watch Ep 22                  Hear Ep 22

Ep 23 Clifton Russell - Praisalujah Discipleship

    Watch Ep 23                 Hear Ep 23

Ep 24 Darryl Smith - Homesight WA

    Watch Ep 24                 Hear Ep 24

Ep 25 Steve Polyak - UW Medicine Virologist

    Watch Ep 25                  Hear Ep 25

Ep 26 Lauren Truscott - SPD

    Watch Ep 26                  Hear Ep 26


Ep 27 Jeff Duchin MD- King County PublicHealth Officer

    Watch Ep 27                  Hear Ep 27

Ep 28 Densho Japanese American Legacy Project

    Watch Ep 28                  Hear Ep 28


Ep 29 Thai Dao - S Seattle Resident, Covid-19+

    Watch Ep 29                  Hear Ep 29


Ep 30 - Impact 2020

    Watch Ep 30                  Hear Ep 30

Ep 31 - Josephine Howell

    Watch Ep 31                  Hear Ep 31

Ep 32 - Jason White, Yakima City Councilmember

    Watch Ep 32                  Hear Ep 32

Ep 33 - John Gilbreath, Earshot Jazz

    Watch Ep 33                  Hear Ep 33

Ep 34 - Cliff Cawthon, Immigrant & Refugee Covid-19 task force member

    Watch Ep 34                  Hear Ep 34


Ep 35 - Patricia Byers, Mayor of Yakima

                                            Hear Ep 35


Ep 36 - Greg Wheeler, Mayor of Bremerton

    Watch Ep 36                  Hear Ep 36

Ep 37 - David Jones, The Copy Spot

    Watch Ep 37                  Hear Ep 37

Ep 38 - Steven Severin, Neumos & WA Nightlife Music Assoc.

    Watch Ep 38                  Hear Ep 38

Ep 39 - Predatory Home Buying during the pandemic

    Watch Ep 39                  Hear Ep 39

Ep 40 - James Reese, Carrie House Church

    Watch Ep 40                  Hear Ep 40

Ep 41 - Tank Sherrill, Black Prisoners Caucus

    Watch Ep 41                 Hear Ep 41

Ep 42 - King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay

    Watch Ep 42                 Hear Ep 42

Ep 43 - Richard RJ Johnson, Kent Black Action Commission

    Watch Ep 43                  Hear Ep 43

Ep 44 - Mary Rabourn, King County Public Health

    Watch Ep 44                 Hear Ep 44

Ep 45 - Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, King County Public Health

    Watch Ep 45                 Hear Ep 45

Ep 46 - Jorge Baron, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

    Watch Ep 46                Hear Ep 46

Ep 47- Predatory Home Buying during the Pandemic

    Watch Ep 47               Hear Ep 47

Ep 48- NW Grocery Association #MaskUpWA campaign, Holly Chisa

    Watch Ep 48               Hear Ep 48

Ep 49- John Taylor, King County Local Services

    Watch Ep 49               Hear Ep 48

Ep 50- Mick Hoffman, WIAA on High School Sports

    Watch Ep 50               Hear Ep 50

Ep 51 - Calli Knight, King County Deputy Director, External Relations

    Watch Ep 51               Hear Ep 51

Ep 52 - Emergency Feeding Program, Glenn Turner

    Watch Ep 52              Hear Ep 52

Ep 53 - Stay Healthy Streets Seattle

    Watch Ep 53              Hear Ep 53

Ep 54 - Are BLM Protests being Used for Violentce? Ruby Holland & Victoria Beach

    Watch Ep 54              Hear Ep 54

Ep 55 - The State of Live Music & Venues. Marty Griswold & Steven Severin

    Watch Ep 55              Hear Ep 55

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Streetbeat Ep 40 King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay

    Watch Ep 40                  Hear Ep 40

Streetbeat Ep 41 Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

    Watch Ep 41                  Hear Ep 41

Streetbeat Ep 42 Tammy Morales Seattle City Councilmember, District 2

    Watch Ep 42                  Hear Ep 42

Streetbeat Ep 43 Bremerton Mayor Greg Wheeler

    Watch Ep 43                  Hear Ep 43

StreetBeat Ep 44 Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards

    Watch Ep 44                  Hear Ep 44

StreetBeat Ep 45 Paula Houston - UW Medicine Healthcare Equity Director

    Watch Ep 45                 Hear Ep 45


Rainier Avenue Radio is a south Seattle radio station and digital media hub. We are proud to serve south Seattle and surrounding communities with opportunities to engage with critical issues, compelling stories, and quality entertainment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


During the current coronavirus pandemic, Rainier Avenue Radio will continue our efforts to provide educational and informational broadcasts about the coronavirus as well as broadcasting the impact that the coronavirus is having on south Seattle’s diverse residents, service providers, housing, childcare, schools, and businesses.


It’s just as important that we amplify the diverse voices of our communities and share your narratives of unanticipated challenges caused by the coronavirus over our broadcast media networks as part of our communication strategies. It’s also important that our communities can access reliable information, have a resource to filter misinformation, and lower anxieties or fears about the disease while trying to normalize life and not let fear rule daily living in our communities.


We are asking that the community connect with us in this effort. There will be opportunities to join us for broadcasts to share your actions and community needs.Thank you for participating in our effort to effectively share information within and about our communities. We will be utilizing our media broadcast networks, website, and social media to keep our community updated with new information, a variety of services that are available, and/or that become available to assist our communities during these challenges. We will be sharing YOUR needs with the appropriate agencies or individuals to ensure that your communities needs are heard.


Rainier Avenue Radio is proud to be YOUR community radio station serving south Seattle and surrounding communities. We NEED your voice, and your narrative. Together, we can make it through this and be more prepared for emergencies.