New Week = 30 New Shows! 2-11-19

February 11, 2019


New Week = New Shows on your South Seattle Community Radio station, www.RainierAvenueRadio.World! Listen online or on the TuneIn app, watch Live shows on our Facebook page.











The Hueman's Health Show with Host Zeke Khali

"Here, we will be dismantling myths that have plagued the health and fitness world, educate about the benefits of lifestyle changes, share detailed and proven methods for better nutrition and physical conditioning as well as keep you motivated with easy-to-implement actionable tips. We will not shy away from the knowledge necessary to understand the process of maximizing the one body we have. With the flare of an anecdotal biology teacher Khali delivers this much-needed info to the black and brown communities so all involved can elevate themselves and those they love.Topics will range from metabolism; training techniques; sleep; family fitness; meal planning to outdoor exploration; and getting back to our roots through ancestral fruits and routines that promote the longevity of our lives. Based on history and science that stretch back to the times of Egyptians and Mayans, the answers are now available for us to reclaim our true health. A variety of guests, such as fitness and culinary experts, will bring diversity and gems of knowledge to the dialogue as well as educate on a wide range of activities and rituals to manifest our best selves."


Women Empowerment Talk Radio with Host Carmelle Bias

"A weekly show that will educate listeners about economic and spiritual growth."Carmelle Bias is a leader of the Women In Business Expo Group."




After Dark with James Street

Ep 63 - Live Tuesdays at midnight.



Ep 48 - Yvette Dinish interviews Christian Skoorsmith of


The Fil-Am Radyo Show with Bert Caoili and Rolly Polintan

Ep 86 - Emma Herron fills in for both Bert whose in the Phillipines and Rolly who is in Mexico. Live Tuesdays 1:30pm


Fitness Corner with Mark Bryant

Ep Fitness Corner 33 - Live Fridays 11:30am.


#FreshJuice with D-Money

Ep 444 - Giving away Action Bronson tickets for the Neptune 3/7, the rapper G in studio, and Gary Campbell is siked to tell us about the Town Love Hip Hop Awards. Live Wednesdays 9-11pm.


The Hueman's Health Show

Ep 1 - "Food as Fuel," the importance of understanding our heritage and the power of our ancestors' dietS.


Jazz From the Cabinets with Big Poppy

Ep 82 - Arian Saleh, The Roots, Robert Glasper, Moses Boyd, Sons of Kemet, and more.


Just My Opinion by Sage Prince

Ep 69 - Music mix alchemy theme: Make It – Better featuring Christopher Martin, Estelle, Lil Donald, Skrillex & Damien Marley, Etc. Featured Artist Music WRAP: Outkast.


The Lunch Table by Respect My Region

Ep 33 - Live Sundays at noon.


Metro Sports Weekly with Pat McCarthy & Mazvita Maraire

Ep 24 - 2018 Winter 2018 SeaKing District Playoffs. Live Thursdays at 7pm.


#MoJamMondaysEp 46 - A Best Of episode with featured trumpet player Chris CD Littlefield, and clips from our 5 year anniversary.  100% improvised music by Mo' Jam Presents since 2013, weekly at Nectar Lounge Seattle.


Mondo's World

Ep 50 - Thoughts on Howard Shultz running for President in 2020.


The Neon Ghost Show with Robbie Tubbs

Ep 65 - More from the talks with Ted discussing cake vs pie, writing a 10 min play, Steven Dorff, debating Eric Bana & Ted has issues with the mayhem commercial guy.


The News on Rainier Avenue Radio

Ep 13 - Live Wednesdays 6:30pm.


Northwest Connection with K-Cee Deeva

Ep 62 - Live Wednesdays 6pm.


Politics Off the Cuff with Cliff Cawthon

Ep 66 - Live Thursdays 3:30pm


Real Talk Real Estate with Dee Dee Shirkey

Ep 3 - How to pick the right lender with special guest Jonathan Woelfle of Fairway Mortgage.


Sea Monster Radio with host Andrew Nunez

Ep 12 - The Polyrhythmics, Ryan Shea Smith, The Phat Phunk Phamily, Samia’s Samba, and more.


Seattle Sports Weekly with Mazvita Maraire

Ep 65 -Live Thursdays at noon.


Seniors Matter with Brenda Charles-Edwards

Ep 71 - Live Fridays 12:30pm


Single Father Project by Jalal Wilson

Ep 44 - Live Fridays 1:30pm.


Spice Box by DJ Katrina Ji

Ep 2 - Music from Rajasthani Caravan + Kollywood, Sufi & Punjabi Songs.


Star Time with Paul Pearson

Ep 99 - Valentine Love. A special V-Day episode featuring R&B love songs from the '60s and '70s, including Barbara Mason, Dionne Warwick, Marvin & Tammi, the Jackson 5, Barry White, Roberta Flack, the Commodores and more.


The Thunderbolt

Ep 54 - The Dictatorship of the Refrigerator 2X. How to be an activist, how Americans are educated just enough to not realize how uneducated they actually are, fulfilling our duty to utterly terrify you, and David Patraeus admitting that the CIA is going to start using the ‘smart grid’ and ‘smart appliances’ to spy on us.


Traveler's Guide to Venus & Mars with Princess Robin

Ep 11 - CELEBRATING LASTING LOVE - A GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY. In this special Valentine’s edition, Princess Robin‘s mom, Shirley, joins her to share stories and celebrate 50 years of marriage to her true love, Princess Robin’s dad.



Traffic Jam - M-F hosted by James Street with various guest DJs & traffic updates every 12 min.


Urban World Talk with Teri Youngman & Anthony Adams

Ep 34 - 3 eligible bachelors play a dating game to go out with the very attractive pro wrestler, Rebel Kel. Live Thursdays 6pm.


WIAA Primetime Sports w/Juan Cotto & Mike Colbrese Executive Director of the WIAA

Ep 2 - Recent changes to Football, dealing with concussions, and today’s current state of the sport. Live Tuesdays 7pm.


Women Empowerment Talk Radio with Carmelle Bias

Ep 1 - 


You Can Make a Difference with Mac McGregor

Ep 40 - Live Fridays 1pm.



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