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HOST: John Funches

A political hip-hop, urban related show of political news topics and online discourse of daily political events relative to the POC community with a hip-hop, urban lens or worldview.


John Funches is a resident of the Central District of Seattle. Born and raised in Seattle, he attended Garfield High and graduated from Roosevelt High School. John was a DJ at local clubs like the Second Ave Oasis in downtown Seattle. He did guest DJ performances at Club Broadway and various Seattle Parks. John was a DJ for Sir Lover the MC, the Emerald City Street Boys (when they were the CD Players) and produced and rapped for the Seattle group, the Darkset. John got into trouble with the law being a street hustler in the 90s and did time in state and federal prison. After getting released in 2006, he changed his life around to work in carpentry and construction joining two unions. John returned to school to finish college. He graduated from the University of Washington with two majors and two minors (African Studies and Political Science). John does radio because of the political nature of the times. With his unique background, he believes that he is qualified to give a specified perspective to politics. John considers himself the new age of political punditry.

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