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THIS WEEK: Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, 2020

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Community Election Connection

Tuesday, Oct. 26: US Rep, WA Congressional Dist. 2 Debate

Incumbent US Representative from WA Congressional District 2, Democrat Rick Larson, is challenged in debate by Republican Tim Hazelo moderated by Host & Producer - KSVR 91.7 FM & KZAX 94.9 FM, Jerome "DJ Defkawn" Edge.

Thursday, Oct. 29: WA Leg. Dis. 37, State Rep Pos. 1 Debate

WA Legislative District 37 Representative, Sharon Tomiko-Santos, faces a debate against fellow Democratic Party candidate John Stafford, for her seat in the State House.

Friday, Oct 30: King County Superior Court Judge Pos. 13 Debate

A debate for King County Superior Court Judge Position 13 between Hillary Madsen and Andrea Robertson.


Live on location from the T'Challaween socially distant costume parade and celebration of heroes at the Beacon Hill Greenway brought to you by The South Seattle Emerald and your community radio station, Rainier Avenue Radio.


Afternoons with Monique

Former Justice Richard B. Sanders of Washington State Supreme Court is here to comment on the election and his experience serving on our State Supreme Court from 1995-2010.

BK Presents

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Coronavirus Special

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Fil-Am Journal Radio

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The Fil-Am Radyo Show

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Heartbeat Radio

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New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Service

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The News on Rainier Avenue Radio

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Politics Off The Cuff

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Real Estate and Money

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The Sean Taeschner Show

Why are people as young as thirty are retiring? They have learned to simplify their lives, invest their money, and not waste it on useless consumerism. One lady shares how in just 10 years time she has managed to save a half-million dollars.

Seattle Here & Now

A discussion on the current state of "law enforcement" with Ms. Rosa Melendez, a former NW Regional Director of the Community Relations Service at the U.S. Department of Justice, head of the local U.S. Marshall's Office. and a former commissioned Seattle Police Officer.

Seniors Matter!

New episode.

The Thunderbolt

Exposing the Devil’s bargain that everyone must strike in order to live, the difference between fiction and reality, a CIA asset who is currently living in Pennsylvania, idiot child liberals who think that James Comey is a good guy, the reality of Reality, the Rump’s habit of making major policy decisions with eyes wide shut, waxing dialectical about the police, and a new gene-editing technology called ‘CRISPR.’

Traveler’s Guide to Venus and Mars

We’ve talked about what it’s like to be “Single in Seattle,” but is it any different in Memphis? Tour Guides, all born and raised in Memphis, talk about their observations and personal experiences with dating in the area.

You Can Make A Difference

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Dee Lew Radio

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4nti. of the NXVSOPEnt Collective guests in studio.

God Is Inspiration

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Jazz From the Cabinets

Abbey, Sheila, Dinah, Judy, Annie, Sarah, Ella, Mulatu, Souljazz, Shabaka, and Nubya!

KFOX Nightbeat

Vote this week edition with music from Calloway, Kid Sensation, Tiffani Lewis, Sway & Tech, and more.

The Mix

The Mix’s 2020 Halloween Spooktacular! featuring Richard O’Brien, Leonard Slatkin, Blue Oyster Cult, Blitzen Trapper, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Enter Shikari, Oingo Boingo, and so much more!

R&R Live Jam Session

Vocalist Tiffany Wilson.

Star Time

R&B tracks from 1968-1977, featuring Wilton Felder, 24 Carat Black, Jeanette Jones, General Johnson, Teacher's Edition, Tata Vega, Bessie Banks and more.

Star Time Sunday Jukebox

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Traffic Jam 

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Underground Surround Sound Studio 

Usher, Queen Latifah, Tag Team, Paula Abdul, and more.

Whatever Gets You Thru the Night 

Firewater, X, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Guns n' Roses, John Lee Hooker and more.


Fitness Corner

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LidLine Sports

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Seattle Sports Weekly

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Student Athlete Advocates

Kadee Gray, who runs Above the Game mental training, educates you how to use your mind to excel in athletics.