You Can Make a Difference

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THIS WEEK: Jan. 25 to 31, 2021

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Afternoons with Monique

We are excited to have three special guests: Brandon Hadi, manager of AAPIP's regional chapter network and communications and grassroots organization founder, John Wu, AAPIP Seattle Chapter Co-Chair and IT Business Analyst at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. and Juliet Le, AAPIP Seattle Chapter Co-Chair and Satterburg Foundation Program Officer.

BK Presents

New episode.

Change Your Food - Change Your Life

We’re all lookin’ for love … well, Robyn Thompson, inventor, recipe wizard and CEO, brings you Kale Love … snackin’ chips so good you’ll love ‘em just like it says right on the label!


Clean Greens Living

New episode.


Marion Scichilone from the Seattle Public Library guests.

Coronavirus Impact

New episode.

The Fil-Am Radyo Show

New episode.

The Gumbo

New episode.

Heartbeat Radio

New episode.

Mondo's World

Thoughts on the Packers and Tampa Bay NFC Conference Championship and the people that are having trouble mentally with the pandemic issue and how to deal with it.

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Service

New episode.

The News on Rainier Avenue Radio

New episodes.

Real Estate & Money

New episode.


The Sean Taeschner Show

It is exactly what George Orwell wrote about in his futuristic novel 1984, and what Aldous Huxley wrote about in Brave New World... a society preying upon the undesirable in its ranks, children, neighbors, and friends turning each other into the government for punishment or death. Has this become the new normal in America in 2021? A man is interviewed who was raised under and left totalitarian rule in Russia.

Seattle Here & Now

Mr. John Wilson, the King County Assessor, re-elected in November 2019, shares his insights into the 2021 new year and what we can look forward to.


Seniors Matter!

New episode.


The Sentiment

Special guest, Womb Wellness Practicioner, Darlene C. Johnson.


The Thunderbolt

A long dark journey exploring the Wall Street War Machine, its past, present, and future.


The Way with Jazz & Taé

New episode.

Women's Empowerment Radio

Director of Fund Development for the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Deionte Petty.


You Can Make a Difference

New episode.



Guest Allen Deshae.

God Is Inspiration

New episode.

Jazz From the Cabinets

Uri Caine, Wayne Horvitz, Eyvind Kang, Billie Holiday, Billy Eckstine, Cab Calloway, and more!


KFOX Nightbeat

World Class Wreckin’ Kru, Madonna, Nikki D, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and more.


The Mix

Taking a look at the album “Murder Ballads” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in early February plus music from “Weird Al” Yankovic, Chuck Berry, Peter Gabriel, Mandy Patinkin, Michael Jackson, and more!


R&R Live Jam Session

New episode.

Sergio Lacour's Love Lines

Jamie Foxx, Surface, Jaheim, Ray J, Lloyd, Toni Braxton, and more.


Star Time

R&B, funk and disco from 1970-77, featuring Billy Paul, the Undisputed Truth, Diana Ross, the Blackbyrds, Tower of Power, Betty Davis, Stevie Wonder, and more.


Star Time Jukebox

First new episode of 2021.

Traffic Jam

New episode.


Fitness Corner

New episode.

Metro Sports Weekly

New episode.

Monday Night Sports with Dupe & Edwin

New episode.


Seattle Sports Weekly

New episode.

Sports & Stuff

Former Sonics player Kenny Anderson.


Student Athlete Advocates

This week we have a long-time baseball coach and player Braden Wells, who played at Oregon State and has coached at all levels.