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One On One

with Dupe

One-on-One with "Dupe" (aka Rick Dupree) airs weekly featuring in-depth interviews with sports biggest stars locally and nationally, as well as local heroes you may not have heard of from right here in our own backyard. Enjoy a 30-minute talk show that goes in-depth and gets personal with sports personalities. Ever wonder what your favorite athlete listens to getting ready for the big game? What about their favorite movie? Well, tune into 1 on 1 with Dupe to get those answers and more. 1 on 1 with Dupe, your source for an up-close and personal conversation with some of the biggest names sports.

Lidline Sports

This one-hour sports talk show is a fun, entertaining, and informative take on national and local sports stories. Hosted by Granville Emerson and Pepe Bean.

Seattle Sports Weekly

A weekly sports show dedicated to giving listeners an in-depth listen at what’s happening in the Seattle Sporting scene on the professional, collegiate, high school and youth level. An informative, factual and fun show hosted by Mazvita Maraire.


Former Madison Square Garden producer Will Sanchez, born and raised in NY City, will attempt to build a "bridge" with Seattleite (High School Football Coach, Political Policy Wonk, Former MLB Employee) Juan Cotto to discuss our local sports teams from the professional, college and High School ranks. They will also examine various aspects and issues our sporting scene and the social impacts they have on our community. No holding back in these conversations. You will hear honest ideas, opinions, and responses to some of the most challenging issues in sports today.

Sports & Stuff

Hosted by Seattle attorney Paul Schneiderman, Sports And Stuff is the rare broadcast that focuses on the business, legal, literary, political, policy, and sociological aspects of sports. Paul's guests cover a broad range of people: journalists, athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, politicians, academics, labor leaders, business people, physicians, lawyers, educators, activists, and many more. Sports And Stuff will feature various discussions, forums, and debates on issues with the goal of presenting valuable information and thought on the off-field side of sports.


Metro Sports Weekly

Live every Thursday at 7pm, featuring insights and interviews all about Metro League High School sports with co-hosts from Seattle Public Schools as well as representatives from our own sports department, plus special guests. 

Fitness Corner

By Mark Bryant:

"This show is all about helping people get a real understanding about fitness and how to workout safely in the gym without getting injured. I will also be joined by special guests to learn about their exercise routines."

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