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Epilogue’s goal is to get people to do more than talk about the problems facing the Black community; but to actually analyze those problems in hopes of creating workable solutions. Which is exactly what Community Radio is all about. 

Mondo's World

Mondo is a South Seattle resident and wheelchair-bound community member who will interview guests and include his perspectives on the world as he sees it, with commentary of politics, culture, sports and society.

Fil-Am Radyo

The Fil-am Show, hosted by Bert Caoili and co-hosted by Rolly Polintan: a show with interviews, songs, and news which affect local Filipinos in the Greater Seattle area, and airs in "Taglish," a combination of "Tagalog" and "English." Even if you don't speak Tagalog, you'll enjoy listening to music from the Filipino culture.

The Single

Father Project

One of my dreams has been to create a weekly radio talk show highlighting the experiences and every day struggles of single parenthood.  Through my show,  Single Father Project, I am hoping to help other dads in the community better understand and overcome challenges we face while raising children on our own. My desire is to learn more about myself while going through my own journey to become more. I am also hoping to encourage other men to aspire to higher goals, to chase their dreams and be the best fathers we can be.  Each show will begin with a quote and end with a funny life story. 


The Wellspring of Life

A talk show on important Christian values and issues, in Fijian and English. Featuring interviews, sharing Scriptures and their application to life (Devotionals) on themes such as faith, love, family, overcoming stress, discouragement, and more. Praying for needs and playing Fijian and English gospel songs. Host Johnny Quroya has a B.A. in Bibilical Studies & Theology and has been in Ministry for 40 years, the last 15 years as Associate Pastor of A New Day Church in Lynnwood WA. 

BK Presents

Promoting the good news in contemporary fashion! BK Talentscout interviews gospel music artists, songwriters, book reviews, CD reviews, concert reviews, community interviews, positive words of encouragement. We present YOU to the world!

Urban World Talk

Teri Youngman and his co-host Anthony Adams discuss culturally relevant topics and basic headline news stories from political to pop culture, and often invite local guests on the show to promote their business ventures and chime in on topics. This show will also air Live on Facebook, where the viewing audience contributes comments and questions to be part of the discussion.


With Tony B

A show that encompasses music and discussion on topics of local, regional, national and international scope that impact our communities.

After Dark

With James Street.

Politics Off the Cuff

Cliff drops his new, fresh, and revitalized show Politics Off the Cuff. The show formerly known as From the Grass to the Top is continuing as a brand new interview, analysis, and commentary show all in one. 

HeartBeat Radio

HeartBeat is a conversation about the heart condition of our country and the effect it continues to have on women and people of color in corporate America. 

Talk Of The Town

A young, colorful take on current events, relationships, health & fitness. Giving the community the opportunity to have dialogue together, laugh together, and grow together-all over the airwaves!

The Neon Ghost Show

Imagine you walk into a bar, your friends are already in a conversation. You grab a drink, pull up a chair and listen in, let the good times and the laughter roll like water off a duck's back. They're in love with the monsters under your bed and they want you to be part of their clubhouse conversations. Twitter: @therobbie182

Seniors Matter!

Brenda Charles-Edwards talks to local leaders, activists and citizens about issues concerning the lives of senior citizens and their families.


What's up guys! It's JazzyReddThePlug & #DishingWithDomLew -- together WE ARE #TheGumbo!! Keep up w/ the LATEST Celeb Tea, Music & Concerts w/ us EVERY WEEK! Make sure you grab your bowls, your favorite tea cups, and get ready to SIP with #TheGumbo!

The Other Side

The Other Side: a person or group who are intrinsically different and in some instances alien to what is perceived to be the American norm. Intrinsically relates to the central nature of a thing; therefore, in my case, it has always been the fact that the country of my birth has made me feel it could live without me and to some extent be better off without my kind. It’s not just simply a matter of color or race; it is a matter of being able to coexist in an environment that makes that coexistence difficult. The Other Side will address topics/issues that people who are designated (or see themselves) as "the other" must deal with in order to coexist.

Living It Up!

With the Dynamic Duo

Want to keep up with the latest happenings around the sound? We got your back! Tune into our show Living It Up! with the Dynamic Duo--Princess Robin & K-Cee!

The Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt features news, blistering commentary upon that news -- all set to kick-ass music and regularly spiced up with dumb jokes.

Seattle Here & Now

A show that encompasses music and discussion on topics of local, regional, national and international scope that impact our communities.

Keeping It Real

Hosted by Elmer Dixon

Northwest Connection

with K-Cee Deeva

K-Cee hosts a half-hour show featuring local movers and shakers in arts, music, film, theatre, business and community throughout the Northwest. 

You Can Make

a Difference

Features people and organizations doing amazing work in the community. We will dive into what inspired them to do the work, how they do the work and how others can plug into being apart of the good they are doing in the community. With the state of things in the world I believe many people want to help make a difference, some just don't know how to or where to plug in and get started. My hope is that this show will help connect many people with work that inspires them so that more people can be apart of making a difference. 

Dark Light &

the 5th Dimension

Dark Light and the 5th Dimension Hosted by: D. Frances. An intro and guide to some really unusual topics.


Justice Radio

Together with his producer Michael Hepburn, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg will welcome calls from the public and guests from the community for a frank discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of our criminal justice system, always with an eye on improving our processes and results. Join us for this show each week, where all aspects of the justice system will be on the table. Community Justice Radio, because without the community there can be no justice.

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