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Coffee with the Counselor

HOST: Adair Hasty-Vannoy

Coffee with the Counselor is a 30 minute program which seeks to create open and authentic dialogue for people to discuss the impacts of faith, culture and mental health. Each week we endeavor to tackle those issues which most profoundly impact people of color and provide ideas, suggestions or resources for resolution.


Adair L. Hasty-Vannoy, M.Ed LMHC CMHS MHP CS
Adair L. Hasty-Vannoy, is a gifted speaker, trainer, mentor and clinical therapist in private practice.
She shares on a number of topics; with a particular eye on mental health, parenting, women’s and relationship issues. Her style of communication is collaborative, candid and engaging. She infuses her presentations with anecdotal stories, audience participation and humor.
Adair completed her graduate and undergraduate education at Seattle University; and is in process of completing a Ph.D., in Transformational Leadership.
For more than 25 years Adair has served children, incarcerated persons, and at-risk youth and their families spanning diverse ethnic, religious and socioeconomic cultures. As a former community mental health therapist, lay counselor and social worker with the State of Washington, Adair has honed her ability to build trust, listen beyond the words spoken and create trust with the broken hearted. It has been said that “Adair makes everyone feel as if she is their best friend.”
It was her early experiences as the eldest of five children, growing up in a chaotic, single-parent household that birthed within her the passion for helping others find emotional, physical and spiritual health. Her faith is central to all endeavors she undertakes ~ seeking to empower and impact others with the truth of God’s Word,” is her purpose.
Adair Louise spends her time mentoring women, reading, writing and appreciating the company of family and friends. She enjoys living her life transparently out loud and sharing about God’s amazing grace and healing power in her own life.

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