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From Student to Teacher

Lucious Tenebris, RainierAvenueRadio.World Engineer and CADMA Instructor

Lucious attended our first ever CADMA class at the age of 16, where he learned photography, audio engineering, and audio editing. The final project in that class was to create a survey for Crosscut, a local non-profit online news magazine, to determine what people of Rainier Valley wanted in their news and how they accessed news. They also created a music video to promote a fundraiser for One Vibe, a local organization teaching music to kids in Africa.

After he graduated the CADMA class, Lucious was recruited by CADMA leadership for a project video-taping a 3D hackathon, then expanded into audio production and scheduling with the radio station. He has now been engineering RAR's live and pre-recorded broadcasts for over a year.

Last quarter Lucious stepped into CADMA leadership as Assistant Instructor at our after-school program at Asa Mercer Middle School. This summer he is stepping into a larger role teaching Asa Mercer middle-schoolers the fundamentals of journalism, broadcasting, photography, video and audio production four days a week.

This is how student becomes teacher. CADMA trains community members to become media content providers, to be the voice within our own communities. 

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