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VIDEO: RAR hosts introduce themselves at the Community Planning Meeting

Enjoy these self introductions of SOME of the Rainieravenueradio.worldshow hosts at our Planning for a Community Radio Space at RainierAvenueRadio.World event April 26. They tell an amazing story of who we are.

Featured: * Musicians: Andre Renaldo Hobson & Court Crawford * Tony B, Station Manager & StreetBeat * Robin Neal, Living It Up with the Dynamic Duo & #CommunitySpotlight * Karla Clark, Northwest Connection with K-Cee Deeva Radio Show & Living It Up with the Dynamic Duo * Cliff Cawthon, Politics Off The Cuff * D-Money / Daniel Belles, #FreshJuice & News Updates, Producer * Cindi Bright, Heartbeat Radio * Kevin Callahan, Jazz from The Cabinets with Big Poppy * Karen Zamm, #MoJamMondays & Community Updates * Kirby Fralick aka Bunker, Resistencia * Mac S. McGregor, You Can Make a Difference * Mark Bryant, Fitness Corner * John Yasutake, Seattle Here & Now * Tana Yasu, StoryTime * James Street, #TrafficJam & After Dark, Producer * Mondo Banchero, Mondo's World * Juan Cotto & William Sanchez, NYSEA Sports Talk * Sage Prince, Just My Opinion & CADMA Instructor * Kameko Thomas, #CommunitySpotlight * Paul Schneiderman, Sports & Stuff

#SomethingForEveryone #Seattle #SouthSeattle #CommunityRadio Only on YOUR Community Radio Station, www.RainierAvenueRadio.World.

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