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9-10-21 Breast/Ovarian Cancer Awareness + Live Music Venues: Coronavirus Impacts LIVE 1pm

IMPACTS OF #CORONAVIRUS #LIVE Friday September 10, 2021

1PM Breast & Ovarian Cancer Awareness during a pandemic Guests: Molly O'Connor, Chief Executive Officer - @rivkincenter Marissa Thomas, Co-Founder - @forthebreastofus

1:30PM Live Music in a Pandemic Guest: Steven Severin - Owner, @Neumos / Runway / Barboza / Life on Mars Seattle & member, Washington Nightlife Music Association @_wanma_

The Coronavirus Special Edition is live Fridays at 1 pm PST on Rainier Avenue Radio hosted by Tony B featuring interviews with government officials and community leaders regarding the latest developments of the Coronavirus and help available to those that need it.


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