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Watch Berlin trio The Trouble Notes live on RainierAvenueRadio.World

The Trouble Notes band from Berlin are touring the US and are here at in South Seattle! This is MUSIC & LIFE: Interacting with national and international music acts. Episode host Karen KZ Zammit.

The trio (violinist Bennet Cerven, guitarist Florian Eisenshmidt, percussionist Oliver Maguire) will talk with us AND give a sample performance of their genre-bending instrumental music.

They will be at Tractor Tavern on April 7th with the Bad News Botanists for the 17th concert of their 23-stop N. American tour.

ABOUT: “The Trouble Note’s music is an eclectic fusion of genre across the entirety of the musical spectrum, creating a sound that is truly unique to its own.” – Rob Underwood, BBC Radio Lincolnshire

The Trouble Notes music does not need words to convey stories or foster connections. The group’s name is irreverently playful, just like their music can be. It conjures the concept of learned musicianship – when thought as a twist on “treble notes” – and it conjures their virtuosity, as in they are playing the “trouble notes.” But most appropriately the handle evokes daring creativity, music that stirs up something within the listener.

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