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5-17-19 RAR.W Cultural Dance Series at Pritchard Beach: NW Tap Connection & FCS Kalahi Dancers

Friday May 17th

Join RainierAvenueRadio's Cultural Dance Series at Pritchard Beach in Rainier Beach! * Dance * Music * Food * Free & All Ages

Learn the HISTORY, Learn the DANCE!

Fridays in May, 5:30-7:30pm

Dancers of all ages and abilities are invited to come learn dance styles rooted in traditional ethnic cultures with historic storytelling of the dance’s origins, plus related music, food, and more!

5:30pm Northwest Tap Connection (Official) Northwest Tap Connection is a distinctive urban dance studio specializing in Rhythm Tap. The studio's philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal-setting.

At Northwest Tap Connection, rhythm tap is the dance form at our heart. At the same time, we regularly incorporate a variety of dance styles such as African, jazz, modern, ballet, swing, ballroom, and hip-hop into our curriculum and performances.

Northwest Tap Connection is dedicated to building the whole dancer through a love of dance, personal discipline, respect for the community, respect for fellow dancers, and knowledge of the history of the art form. We provide an environment where dancers can grow artistically and technically, and at the same time can develop leadership skills and social responsibility.

6:30pm Filipino Community of Seattle Kalahi Dancers

Dances of the Kalingas of the Philippines

“Tajok” a traditional dance from the Kalingas of Northern Luzon, Philippines. The “Tajok” is largely performed during festive and joyful occasions. The dance not only reflects the rich natural beauty of their scenic place but also reflects the feeling of pride and happiness of its people. Accompanied by the rhythmic sounds of the gongs or “gansa” the women spread their arms and struts their feet mimicking the movements, flying and soaring of the eagle.

Another festive dance of the Kalingas “Salidsid” or “Salip” –This dance is performed mostly during festive events and gathering like wedding, thanksgiving, peace-pacts, etc ....The “SALIDSID” or “SALIP” mimics the courtship rituals of the birds. The dance movements demonstrate when the male birds puff up their chest, flaps their wings, leap in the air, spins around, struts, hops, jump and moonwalk to impress and to attract the woman/women bird.

Juliet OmliCawas Cheatle: Teacher/Choreographer/Cultural Worker

Juliet Omli Cawas Cheatle is the Director and Choreographer of the Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State (FPAWS) and Filipino Community of Seattle Kalahi Philippines Dance Company. In brief, Juliet can be described as a cultural worker, community organizer, choreographer and dancer of traditional Philippine dances and a resource person on Filipino culture, tradition and arts, as well as a presenter/lecturer in numerous workshops dealing with her specialty on indigenous culture, arts, music and dances of the northern and Southern Philippines.

With such a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise, Juliet is a popular figure in state and national cultural scenes where she has presented in large venues in Washington as well as outside Washington and abroad.

PRITCHARD ISLAND BEACH: 8400 55th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

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Supported by Office of Arts & Culture Seattle / Arts in Parks Powered by Shunpike

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