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Dirty Harry is back on the air! #TrafficJam Monday-Friday 4 to 6pm PST

From his earliest high school years, Harris Francis had a desire and drive to be part of the entertainment world. Once, while with his two sisters at an appointment, Harris noticed Crazy Pinoy Promotions and decided to knock on the door. That one knock led to an important figure named Nes Rodriguez also known as Nasty Nes, who became a major role model and mentor to Dirty Harry’s career. Nes put his trust into Harris and as time progressed, Dirty Harry was given the keys and told to run operations while Nes was traveling. This was huge, especially for a high school student. Before Harris knew it, he was on the phone with major record labels, with whom Dirty began to forge relationships and friendships. The relationship with Nes led to a position as Def Jam Record’s Northwest Representative.

Harris worked with local radio markets to make sure Def Jam’s priorities were being played on the radio. He also worked with venues for artist appearances and shows. His hunger for learning and growing led to another opportunity at iHeartRADIO, which became part of his daily routine, just so he could learn radio. Harris juggled working at Def Jam by day and going to Heart to learn radio at night. Harris was exposed to top radio talent, branding, and a front row seat to the top radio show on the market. With the skill set he learned at Def Jam, combined with his ever-growing connections to artists and managers, Dirty Harry decided to full on pursue his radio dream. Dirty Harry knew the ropes when it came to artist management, the process of signing an artist, touring, key relationships with artists & radio stations and individual markets and territories. Time after time Harris would call into the request line to win prizes with the DJs through Kube 93.3, which Def Jam loved. This eventually led to Harris developing a relationship with night show host Bobby O who put him on air.

From 1997-2016 iHeartRADIO was Dirty Harry’s home, Monday through Friday 3 PM to 7 PM. For much of that time, the show which was hosted by Eric Powers and Harris and was #1 in its genre. Dirty Harry was the executive producer of the brand and was also active in concert/event planning, new sales growth, and marketing initiatives/projects. One of Dirty Harry’s greatest accomplishments for the show was inking an exclusive partnership with the Seattle Seahawks to broker Seahawks Takeover Tuesday, when football legends such as Marcus Trufant, Walter Thurmond, Justin Britt, Robert Turbin and Thomas Rawls sat behind the Kube microphones and set Seattle radio on fire. Harris also helped map out blue prints for a singularly spectacular event called Summer Jam where he was on stage, mostly at the Gorge, for 16 years, working the crowd and introducing top talent such as Beyonce with Destiny’s Child, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and 50 Cent.

After leaving the radio station, Dirty Harry did consultant work with local brands in radio and worked on fashion projects at a product placement level as he sought to pursue a new forward motion of growth where he could apply his knowledge and creativity. Now, Harris as joined forces with Fremont’s #1 Real Estate Firm as VP of Marketing and Events at Katrina Eileen real estate.

Now he's back on the air with for #TrafficJam, Monday through Friday 4 to 6pm. Listen online or on the TuneIn app!

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