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Mayor Durkan's propaganda to The BLACK Community on vaccine distribution earlier today...

Why should we trust you MAYOR DURKAN? Did anyone see Mayor Durkan's press conference today, January 12th at noon, on vaccine distribution? If you did, then you saw that our Seattle elected officials, specifically Mayor Durkan in this instance, have offered nothing to gain the faith of BLACK people in trusting their decisions in BLACK communities about vaccine distribution. Mayor Durkan said "BLACK people should convince each other to take the vaccine." I am paraphrasing only slightly, the context is the same. This statement by Mayor Durkan is not only short sighted and ridiculous, it is callous in its harm to Black communities. Am I making this up? Watch the press conference for yourself...lots of pats on the backs to each other by speakers, and lots of softball questions with meaningless $25.00 word answers.

Rainier Avenue Radio has been asking the Mayor and City Council members for WEEKS to share what their plans are regarding COVID19, the vaccine, and our Mental Health. Sadly, we get no response to our invitations for an interview to share with our south Seattle and surrounding community listeners.

Is it because we ask the tough questions on behalf of our communities? Is it because we unashamedly represent our diverse south Seattle communities? If you listen to the press conference you will hear "equity and diversity" mentioned a gazillion times. Who has the Mayor's office communicated with in our south Seattle community before launching these plans about OUR communities? If you have been involved in these conversations, please let us know.

At Rainier Avenue Radio we will continue to work with the Washington State Department of Health, individuals, and organizations statewide who are working vigorously to come up with REAL solutions for our communities regarding vaccine distribution, public trust in the health department, and information enabling communities and individuals to decide and discern for themselves the best course of action during the worsening pandemic and evolving social unrest and domestic terrorism.

Please tune into the Black Mental Health Town Hall meeting on Thursday January 14th, hosted by the National Alliance for Mental Health Seattle and King County Councilmember Girmay Zahilay. This event will be broadcast via the Rainier Avenue Radio broadcast media networks.

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